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Past Webinars

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May 12 2022 | Topic: Deep Learning-based Side-channel Analysis: Challenges and Perspectives by Stjepan Picek video button
Apr 28 2022 | Topic: PP0117 Secure Sub-System in System-on-Chip (3S IN SOC) Protection Profile Overview by Mr. Nir Tasher & Mrs. Rachel Menda-Shabat video button
Apr 26 2022 | Topic: Can you park a car in a classroom? by Philippe Azalbert video button
Apr 21 2022 | Topic: The AMD Branch (Mis)predictor: New Types and Methods of Straight-Line Speculation (SLS) Vulnerabilities by Pawel Wieczorkiewicz video button
Apr 14 2022 | Topic: Disarming TrustZone with TEE Privilege Reduction by David Cerdeira & Sandro Pinto video button
Mar 28 2022 | Topic: Applying Zero Trust Principles to building a Secure RISC-V System by Suresh Sugumar video button
Mar 24 2022 | Topic: Apple vs EMA: Electromagnetic Side Channel Attacks on Apple CoreCrypto by Gregor Haas video button
Feb 14 2022 | Topic: Cyber-physical system security: Exploiting the physics of sensors to undermine AI-based decisions by Dr. Sara Rampazzi video button
Feb 07 2022 | Topic: MoonBounce: Internals of the 3rd publicly known UEFI firmware implant by Mark Lechtik video button
Jan 17 2022 | Topic: Knockin' on MediaTek aDSP’s Door by Slava Makkaveev video button
Jan 11 2022 | Topic: CPU Fuzzing for Discovering Hardware-caused Information Leakage by Michael Schwarz video button
Nov 29 2021 | Topic: How to perform electromagnetic side-channel analysis by simulation by Philippe Maurine, Thomas Ordas, Davide Poggi, Alexandre Sarafianos video button
Sep 30 2021 | Topic: Breaking chips with undetectable hardware trojans by Matt Venn video button
Sep 13 2021 | Topic: Securing Your Microcontroller with Arm TrustZone Technology by Oren Hollander video button
Sep 07 2021 | Topic: PCIe device security - The evolution of DMA attacks by Maggie Jauregui & Cuauhtemoc Chavez Corona video button
Jul 20 2021 | Topic: SpecFuzz: Bringing Spectre-type vulnerabilities to the surface by Oleksii Oleksenko video button
Jul 01 2021 | Topic: What Makes a Proactive Hardware Security Program Successful? by Jason Oberg & Panelists:Helena Handschuh & Charles Guillemet video button
Jul 01 2021 | Topic: Trust but Verify: Hardware Assurance in a Globalized Supply Chain through Reverse Engineering by Domenic Forte video button
Jun 22 2021 | Topic: Hardware Trojans vs. Logic Locking: Challenges and Opportunities by Dominik Šišejković video button
Jun 15 2021 | Topic: Embedded kernel emulation in QEMU for security assessment by Stephane Duverger video button
Jun 08 2021 | Topic: Security Requirements for Connected MCUs and MPUs – Modeling of a SESIP Profile by Eve Atallah video button
May 31 2021 | Topic: Hardware Security Primitives (PUFs and TRNGs) exploiting Randomness in Emerging Memory Devices by Giorgio Di Natale video button
May 21 2021 | Topic: Artificial Intelligence for Fault Injection Parameter Selection by Marina Krček video button
May 11 2021 | Topic: Optical Side-Channel Attacks through the Chip Backside: Threats, Challenges, and Opportunities by Dr. Shahin Tajik video button
May 04 2021 | Topic: Doing More with Less: Hardware Security Primitives reusing Existing Circuits for Secure System on Chips by Sachin Taneja video button
Apr 20 2021 | Topic: Hunting for the keys of the SAMA5 castle by Dmitry Janushkevich video button
Apr 12 2021 | Topic: Threat Modeling Medical Devices - when our lives depend on it ... by Sebastien Deleersnyder video button
Mar 29 2021 | Topic: TPM Attacks: Decoding, Understanding and Manipulating the LPC Protocol by Douglas Gastonguay-Goddard & Sue Mohieldin video button
Mar 16 2021 | Topic: Stupify: A Hardware Countermeasure of KRACKs in WPA2 using Physically Unclonable Functions by Urbi Chatterjee video button
Mar 09 2021 | Topic: Stealing secrets from Intel vaults, with side channels and voltage faults by David Oswald and Zitai Chen video button
Mar 02 2021 | Topic: Practical Hardware Attacks on Deep Learning by Sanghyun Hong video button
Feb 26 2021 | Topic: Automotive product security (or the same old story but on wheels) by Rafael Boix Carpi video button
Feb 22 2021 | Topic: Security Property-driven Fault Injection Assessment in Modern SoCs by Farimah Farahmandi video button
Jan 29 2021 | Topic: The Practical Design & Implementation of Zero-Trust Supply Chains for Electronic Products by Phil Vachon & Joel Even video button
Jan 25 2021 | Topic: A Look Into (Few) Side-channel and Fault attack vulnerabilities in lattice based PQC schemes and Countermeasures by Shivam Bhasin video button
Nov 17 2020 | Topic: Hardware Acceleration on Reconfigurable Platform for Efficient Cryptography Design by Elif Bilge Kavun video button
Oct 20 2020 | Topic: Securing keys in leading-edge chips with Physical Unclonable Functions by Geert-Jan Schrijen video button
Oct 13 2020 | Topic: Bringing light into the Black -Box // Step by step black-box reverse engineering of ECUs by Nils Weiss and Enrico Pozzobon video button
Oct 06 2020 | Topic: Reverse Engineering UDS and firmware on the Tesla Model S Battery Management System by Patrick Kiley video button
Sep 18 2020 | Topic: Look mum, no key! Bypassing Encrypted Secure Boot by Cristofaro Mune & Niek Timmers video button
Sep 14 2020 | Topic: Side-channel analysis on SoC devices: a Graal's quest by Hugues Thiebeauld video button
Sep 11 2020 | Topic: RISC-V: How an open ISA benefits hardware security by Drew Fustini video button
Sep 03 2020 | Topic: Beyond Root: Custom Firmware for Embedded Mobile Chipsets by Christopher Wade video button
Aug 27 2020 | Topic: Finding New Bluetooth Low Energy Exploits via Reverse Engineering Multiple Vendors' Firmwares by Veronica Kovah video button
Aug 24 2020 | Topic: Sinking U-Boots with Depthcharge: Effective Exploitation of Boot-Time Security Debt by Jon Szymaniak video button
Aug 19 2020 | Topic: How efiXplorer helping to solve challenges in reverse engineering of UEFI firmware by Alex Matrosov video button
Aug 13 2020 | Topic: Securing CAN bus: augmenting the CAN protocol by Dr. Ken Tindell video button
Aug 10 2020 | Topic: Insecure Until Proven Updated: Analyzing AMD SEV's Remote Attestation by Robert Buhren video button
Aug 04 2020 | Topic: Building a Repairable Future by Kyle Wiens video button
Jul 16 2020 | Topic: Building Whiteboxes: attacks and defenses by Matthieu Daumas video button
Jul 06 2020 | Topic: Why Fault Injection is the attacker's weapon of choice in the IoT era by Marc Witteman video button
Jul 02 2020 | Topic: Deep Learning-based Denoising of TEMPEST Images for Efficient Optical Character Recognition by Santiago Morales & Juan Galvis video button
Jun 16 2020 | Topic: The current landscape of global IoT security regulations by Brad Ree video button
Jun 11 2020 | Topic: Analyzing Embedded Systems The Smart Way by Henrik Ferdinand Nolscher video button
Jun 04 2020 | Topic: Reverse engineering raw firmware: a tool to get you started by Guillaume Heilles video button
May 28 2020 | Topic: A decade of Machine Learning in Profiled Side-channel Analysis by Stjepan Picek video button
May 21 2020 | Topic: RF shadow games by Sébastien Dudek video button