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Sylvain Pelissier & Nicolas Oberli at Hardwear NL 2022

Sylvain Pelissier & Nicolas Oberli

Hardware attacks against SM4 in practice

Talk Title:

Hardware attacks against SM4 in practice


SM4 is a block cipher developed and standardized in China. It gets more and more traction as this algorithm becomes mandatory for certain applications. Even ARMv8.4 has SM4-specific instructions.

During this talk, we will present the SM4 algorithm, how it works and ways to attack it from the hardware implementation point of view. We will show how Correlation Power Analysis (CPA) and Differential Fault Analysis (DFA) can be applied on basic implementation and allow to recover the key. Of course, all these tools will be released after the talk.

Speaker Bio:

Sylvain is a Cryptography expert in the research team at Kudelski Security. His favorite topics are Cryptography, Hardware attacks and vulnerability research in general. He worked on security of Cryptography algorithms implementations on different platforms as well as on critical code security audits. He like playing and organizing CTFs.

Nicolas Oberli works as a security engineer for Kudelski IoT in Switzerland. His research focuses on embedded devices and communication protocols. In his spare time, he now spends more time designing CTF challenges than solving them. He is also one of the main developers of the Hydrabus hardware hacking tool and part of the BlackAlps security conference committee.