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Jay Cox & Nic Watson at Hardwear USA 2022

Jay Cox & Nic Watson

Nest Doorbell and Charge 5 Device Architecture Overview

Date: 8th June 2022

Category: HardPwn


Nest Doorbell and Charge 5 Device Architecture Overview


Google will cover technical details like hardware architecture, boot process, storage mechanism, and high level data flow.

Google recently announced a VRP program for Google Nest & Fitbit devices (blog post). The VRP team will be presenting at the conference. Kickstart your research by starting with a firm foundation and join us at the conference.

Speaker Bio:

Jay Cox
After 12 years at Microsoft driving hardware security into Windows devices, Jay recently joined Google as a Security Engineer focusing on device security and supporting the Android and Google Devices Security Reward Program. He was a key contributor to the Secured Core PC requirements, Secure Launch (DRTM) and UEFI SMM mitigations, UEFI remote security management and manufacturer unlock, UEFI Secure Boot including the UEFI signing programand security responses including revocations (1, 2, 3), the Hardware Security Test Interface (HSTI), DMA security features and mitigations, ... and more at

Nic Watson
Nic Watson is a staff security engineer at Google. With over 24 years of experience, Nic has spent his career at the nexus of embedded software and information security. His specialties include multi-level security, trusted boot, remote attestation, safety critical, and cryptographic protocols.