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John McMaster at Hardwear USA 2022

John McMaster

Hands on PAL RE: microprobing and more

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Hands on PAL RE: microprobing and more


Programmable Array Logic (PAL) chips are early programmable logic chips with relatively easy to study architecture and security mechanisms. In this hands-on workshop we'll use several techniques including micro-probing and electrically "brute forcing" to extract their firmware and/or logically equivalent firmware.

What to expect?

  • Students will defeat die level security circuitry by reconnecting blown security fuses under a microscope using very precise needles
  • Students will learn to use specialized PAL hardware and software tools to apply electrical test signals to the PALs and create equivalent programming files
  • For more information see this link

This workshop is limited to 12 people / batch and we'll run the workshop twice during the event (90 min / session). To secure your seat, please fill in this form. Only conference attendees can participate in the workshop.

Speaker Bio:

John McMaster is a hardware reverse engineer with a decade of embedded security expertise. He specializes in microcontroller data extraction using lasers, microscopes, and power analysis. Twitter: @johndmcmaster