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Mike Ryan at Hardwear USA 2023

Mike Ryan

Building a Modern Bluetooth Sniffer

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Building a Modern Bluetooth Sniffer


ICE9 Bluetooth Sniffer is a brand new Bluetooth sniffer for SDRs. Unlike other open source sniffers, it can sniff BLE connections that have already been established. During this talk we plan to unveil new features that allow users to have complete visibility over all Bluetooth connections occurring around them. This talk explains the practical architecture of the sniffer (light-to-medium on SDR theory) and how it integrates with Wireshark.

The talk begins with an introduction to RF and SDRs, and how they're similar to audio and microphones. We then move on to discussing Bluetooth, how it appears at the RF level, and how to translate the raw IQ signals captured from an SDR into a stream of bits we can parse into packets. After explaining the intuitive way of doing this, we cover how to do it efficiently at scale using a polyphase channelizer. Finally, we wrap with our latest feature: the ability to observe all of Bluetooth with a BladeRF 2.0. If you have a HackRF, BladeRF, or USRP you will want to see this talk.

Speaker Bio:

Mike Ryan continues his relentless tirade in wireless hacking unabated. Whether you know him from his work on Ubertooth, hacking electric skateboards, or blowing BLE security wide open, it's clear Mike knows a thing or two about Bluetooth. He founded ICE9 Consulting in 2016 to serve the growing demand for expertise in Bluetooth, IoT, and embedded security.