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Talks from 2018

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Spreading the load: building a better hardware hacking community by Kate Temkin video button download button
Strategies to harden and neutralize UAV using RF DEW by Jose Lopes Esteves video button download button
The Race to Secure Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators by Brandon Wilson video button download button
It WISN't me, attacking industrial wireless mesh networks by Erwin Paternotte & Mattijs van Ommeren video button download button
Smart car forensics and Sensor warfare by Gabriel Cirlig & Stefan Tanase video button download button
There Goes Your PIN - Exploiting Smartphone Sensor Fusion Under Single and Cross User Setting by David Berend video button download button
TLBleed When Protecting Your CPU Caches Is Not enough by Ben Gras & Kaveh Razavi video button download button
CXO Panel - Who needs IoT security certification? video button
The Future of Hardware Security is in Open Standards by Helena Handschuh video button
Z-Shave. Exploiting Z-Wave downgrade attacks by Andrew Tierney video button
The undercover world of Reverse-Engineering based Integrated Circuit attacks by Olivier Thomas video button
Wall Quiz Questions video button
Wall Quiz Questions & Answers video button
BLE Security Essentials by Slawomir Jasek download button
Product security for IoT - mission impossible? by Axel Poschmann video button
Black Box Is Dead. Long Live Black Box! by V. Kononovich And A.Stennikov video button
Fault Injection On Automotive Diagnosis Protocols by Santiago Cordoba video button
Bitfi - You Wouldn't Steal My Cloins by Andrew Tierney video button