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Talks from USA 2019

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Keynote: Exposing the deep secure elements of smartcards by Christopher Tarnovsky video button
Keynote: Sophisticated million dollar hack to discover weaknesses in a series of smartcards affecting millions by Christopher Tarnovsky video button
Bits from the matrix: optical ROM extraction by Chris Gerlinsky video button
OverTime: Remote Timinig Attacks against IoT devices by Cristofaro Mune video button
Workshop: Post-quantum cryptography by Michael Hamburg download button
Speculative execution vulnerabilities: From a Simple Oversight to a Technological Nightmare by Raoul Strackx video button download button
Workshop: Using Symbolic Execution for IoT Bug Hunting by Grzegorz Wypych download button
Integrated Circuit Offensive Security by Olivier Thomas video button download button
Cloning a Sound Card by Eric Schlaepfer video button download button
Top 10 secure boot mistakes by Jasper van Woudenberg video button download button
Workshop: Hacking USB on the Cheap by Kate Temkin & Mikaela Szekely download button download button
Bluetooth Hacking: Tools and Techniques by Mike Ryan video button download button
Low-Cost IC Emission Reverse Engineering by John McMaster video button
Nationally Critical Infrastructure needs Secure Hardware—aka Democracy a Critical System by Dr. Joseph Kiniry video button download button
CXO Panel: Hardware Security By Design video button
CXO Panel: Unique Challenges Of Security Programs For Hardware/IoT Makers video button