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Talks from Netherlands 2021

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Keynote:- When Threat Models Meet by Herbert Bos video button
Blackboxing Diebold-Nixdorf ATMs by Vladimir Kononovich video button download button
Rage Against the Machine Clear: A Systematic Analysis of Machine Clears and Their Implications for Transient Execution Attacks by Enrico Barberis & Hany Ragab video button download button
A Side Journey to Titan - Revealing and Breaking NXP’s P5x ECDSA Implementation on the Way by Dr. Victor Lomné video button download button
Over the Air-Tag: shenanigans with the most over-engineered keyfinder by Jiska Classen, Fabian Freyer and Stacksmashing video button
Overmedicated: Breaking the security barrier of a B.Braun Infusion pump by Douglas McKee & Philippe Laulheret video button download button
EEPROM: It Will All End in Tears by Philippe Teuwen & Christian Herrmann video button download button
Teardown and feasibility study of IronKey - the most secure USB Flash drive by Sergei Skorobogatov video button download button
Flippin' fake flops for fun, fame and fortune by Jasper van Woudenberg video button download button
BlueMirror: Defeating Authentication in Bluetooth protocols by Tristan Claverie & Jose Lopes Esteves video button
Automated vulnerability hunting in SMM using Brick by Assaf Carlsbad & Itai Liba video button download button
Divide & Conquer revisited: FI as a SW EXP primitive by Rafael Boix Carpi & Federico Menarini video button download button
Supply Chain Security (and attacks) by David Calligaris, Cristofaro Mune, Santos Merino & Jan Geertsma video button
How do we build trustable open source hardware? by Trammell Hudson video button