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Talks from USA 2022

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Keynote:- Adventures of Wallet Hacking by Joe Grand video button download button
Keynote:- Fireside Chat with Window Snyder
Andy Nguyen video button
Breaking SoC Security by Glitching OTP Data Transfers by Cristofaro Mune video button
Obfuscation Revealed: Leveraging Electromagnetic Emanations for IoT Malware Classification by Damien Marion, Duy-Phuc Pham & Annelie Heuser video button
Physical Side channel attacks on PCs by Daniel Genkin & Roei Schuster video button
Optimization and Amplification of Cache Side Channel Signals by David Kaplan video button download button
Armed to Boot: A Novel Enhancement to Arm's Secure Boot Chain by Derek & Ryan Chow video button download button
Exploiting AMBA AXI protocol for Denial-of-Service attacks of shared resources by Francesco Restuccia video button download button
Breaking a Recent SoC’s Hardware AES Accelerator Using Body Biasing Injection by Karim M. Abdellatif video button download button
Unwanted features: Finding and exploiting an in ROM buffer overflow on the LPC55S69 by Laura Abbott video button download button
Supply Chain Level 0: Grinding Tractors to a Halt - Growing Pains in Agricultural Hardware Security by Sick Codes video button
Self-labeling electronic shelf labels by Steffen Robertz video button download button
Perimeter Breached! Hacking an Access Control System by Steve Povolny & Sam Quinn video button download button
Nest Doorbell and Charge 5 Device Architecture Overview by Jay Cox & Nic Watson
Hands on PAL RE: microprobing and more by John McMaster
Lockpick Session by Marcus Richerson