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Talks from USA 2023

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Keynote:- The microarchitectures that I saw and the ones that I hope to one day see by Rodrigo Branco video button download button
Keynote:- Securing the Unseen: Vulnerability Research in Confidential Computing by Josh Eads & Cfir Cohen video button download button
Cryo-Mechanical RAM Content Extraction: A DIY Cold Boot Robot for A Thousand Bucks by Dr. Ang Cui video button
“Un-fare Advantage” - Hacking the MBTA CharlieCard from 2008 to Present by Bobby Rauch video button download button
Affordable EMFI attacks against modern IoT chips by Davide Toldo video button download button
Red Team vs. Blue Team: A Real-World Hardware Trojan Detection Case Study Across Four Modern CMOS Technology Generations by Endres Puschner & Steffen Becker video button download button
Back to the future with platform security by Enrique Nissim, Joseph Tartaro & Krzysztof Okupski video button
BreakMi: Reversing, Exploiting and Fixing Xiaomi (and Fitbit) Fitness Tracking EcosystemsMarco Casagrande & Daniele Antonioli video button download button
OneKey is all it takes: The Misuse of Secure Components in Hardware Wallets by Michael Mouchous & Karim Abdellatif video button download button
Building a Modern Bluetooth Sniffer by Mike Ryan video button
How to Hack Shannon Baseband (from a Phone) by Natalie Silvanovich video button download button
Next-Gen Exploitation: Exploring the PS5 Security Landscape by Specter video button download button
Inside Apple's Lightning: JTAGging the iPhone for fuzzing and profit by Thomas Roth video button
Evolution of a Side Channel - Benchmarking the Static Power Vulnerability of Four CMOS Generations by Thorben Moos video button download button
Exploring chip decaping techniques for silicon die inspection and reverse engineering by Antoine Bercovici & John McMaster video button
Hands-on IoT firmware extraction and forensics by Dennis Giese
Analyzing Decompiled C++ Vtables and Objects in GCC Binaries by James Rowley download button
Data Leakage: A Multi-Source Threat by Ed and Paul
Hardware Security for Cloud Storage Providers by Stefano Righi, Alex Matrosov & Cristofaro Mune video button