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Talks from USA 2024

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Keynote:- State-of-the-Art Anti-Counterfeiting: Attacks and Countermeasures by Scott Best video button download button
Who Monitors the Monitors? Hacking the Monitor Control Command Set by Eugene Lim
My car, My keys: obtaining CAN bus SecOC signing keys by Willem Melching & Greg Hogan video button download button
Integrating AI with Retro Hardware: A Commodore 64 LLM Module by Konrad Jędrzejczyk & Marek Zmysłowski video button download button
Secrets of Simos18: Reverse Engineering the secure boot mechanism of an Engine Control Unit by Brian Ledbetter video button download button
Teaching New Tricks to an Old Micro: Breaking into Chips By Reading the Datasheet by Mark Omo & James Rowley download button
LeapFrog: The Rowhammer Instruction Skip Attack by Andrew Adiletta, Caner Tol & Berk Sunar
TPMs and the Linux Kernel: unlocking a better path to hardware security byIgnat Korchagin download button
BarraCUDA: GPUs do Leak DNN Weights by Peter Horvath download button
One SMS to root them all: exposing critical threats in millions of connected devices by Alexander Kozlov & Sergey Anufrienko download button
Building a Silicon Analysis Toolkit by Hash Salehi
Exploring Dual Edges of SRAM Data Remanence in SoCs: Covert Storage and Exfiltration Risks in TEE by Jubayer Mahmod download button
Hands-on IoT firmware extraction and forensics of eMMC flash by Dennis Giese, & Braelynn
Handson Decapping & Wire bonding Chips by Ken, Alex, John, & Antoine